It all started when…

Jamie Page was looking at his birthday cards displayed on his mantle one day when it dawned on him that there had to be a better way for people to connect on special occasions than by spending five dollars on a greeting card written by someone you’ll never meet. He asked his wife is she’d rather get a birthday card or a video message on her special day.

His wife replied, “I would love to receive a heartfelt, personalized video for my birthday.”

With that answer, RexVid was born.

No matter the occasion, the RexVid app allows you to string together video messages from any number of people, from anywhere in the world and send them right to the recipient’s phone. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, new baby, or just a nice way to let somebody know the group is thinking about them, the RexVid app is a simple way to stay connected with friends and family. And you won’t need a drawer full of cards to remind you of nice thoughts from your loved ones, the videos can be replayed on your phone whenever you like!

Stay connected with friends, family, and everyone who’s important in your life with RexVid.