Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is RexVid?

A: RexVid is a video sharing app that lets you create a video with multiple friends and family members to send to someone you know. It can be a video greeting card or just a way to stay in touch. It compiles the videos and edits them into one seamless video for you.

Q: Can you receive a RexVid if you don’t have the app?

A: Yes. If you send the RexVid to someone who doesn’t have the app they will get a text message. In the text message is a link they can follow to download the app and view the video.

Q: Does your video disappear after it’s created?

A: No. You can save every RexVid. They also get stored in your app under “My RexVid Library.”

Q: How many people can be a part of a RexVid?

A: You can send a video to one person but collaborate with up as many people as you want. There is no limit.  

Q: Why am I, or people I send the video to not receiving text messages?

A: The phone number that isn’t getting the text is not listed as a mobile phone number. If a contact’s phone number is not listed as a ‘mobile number,’ RexVid will not send a text message.

Q: Why can I not get past the “Who’s it for” screen?

A: If you search for someone’s name and then hit “Done” it will not continue to the next screen. You have to select “Next” in the top right-hand corner of the screen to proceed. *This will to change with other upgrades in the near future.