Announcing our Chief Marketing Officer - Andy Eckert


Lasting Video Memories - I Want to be a Part of That!

“Just RexVid it.”

Those are words that Andy Eckert wants people to take for granted as soon as possible. Eckert has joined RexVid as Chief Marketing Officer, and he sees no reason why “Just RexVid it” can’t become one of those phrases people use all the time without even thinking about it.

“No one used to know what, ‘Google it’ meant,” said Eckert. “Now everyone does. I want to turn RexVid into a global verb! I want people to say, ‘Just RexVid it’ when thinking about sending a congrats, thank you, or well wishes instead of reaching for their wallet and plopping down 6-10 bucks for a card. On top of the personal cool factor, we’re sustainable.”

Eckert believes RexVid is going to revolutionize how people connect during life’s everyday moments--and turn them into lasting video memories. With that sort of enthusiasm, it’s no wonder RexVid founder and CEO Jamie Page was excited to bring on Eckert as RexVid’s Chief Marketing Officer. According to Eckert, the feeling was mutual.

“The opportunity to work with Jamie was a big factor in coming to RexVid,” Eckert said. “We have talked about working together in the past, and we have complementary skills. He’s incredibly creative, and I want to use my business experience to help him bring the dream to life.”

That business experience is vast and varied as Eckert comes to RexVid after a 15-year run with General Mills, where he had a number of positions, culminating in being Director of Strategic Planning for the Consumer Foods Sales Division. He spent two years as Senior Vice President of Performance for Storecast, 12 years as a Senior Vice President at Tennant Company and the last three years as President/CEO of Imperial Plastics.

Eckert grew up in Arden Hills, Minnesota, and attended Carleton College where he excelled as a three-sport varsity athlete, competing in football, basketball, and baseball. He gives a ton of credit to his, “awesome mom and dad,” and says they didn’t miss any of his games that they could possibly get to. He has three older sisters that he remains very close to.

Eckert and his wife live in Lakeville, MN, and have two daughters of their own, who are married to, “two great guys.”

An outdoor enthusiast, Eckert enjoys agate hunting, hiking, and snowmobiling on Minnesota’s beautiful North Shore. He’s also involved with two craft breweries in Minneapolis, 56 Brewing and Modist and enjoys collaborating with the owners as they continue to grow.

A Minnesota sports fan through and through, Eckert notes that he is not, however, a Wisconsin hater. His favorite movie is Urban Cowboy, and he says, “A plate of Chili Colorado at a good Mexican restaurant always makes me happy.”

James Page