Minneapolis Start-Up Launch Party | RexVid App


Starting RexVid was a dream of Jamie Page’s that transpired in 2017. On April 5th, 2019, that dream became a reality with an unforgettable app launch party. In short, the night was filled with people making their first RexVids, taking selfies, delicious food, lots of laughter, and great beer.

What the App Does

RexVid is a new video app that lets you not only send video messages but create them with friends, family, or anyone in your contacts. When describing RexVid, a word that comes to mind is “collaborative.” It’s a video sharing app but in a whole new way.

Have you ever tried making a sweet video for a friend or parent by asking people to send you videos or digging through old videos on your phone and laptop? Then you're faced with the daunting task of putting those videos together into one nice message. That’s where RexVid can save you, it stitches all the videos together.

How the App Launch was Celebrated

Explaining all that RexVid does in a short sentence is sometimes hard, so that’s where throwing a party was key. At the app launch party, there were stations where you could learn to use the app and ask developers questions. RexVid is built to be as intuitive as possible, but sometimes having a tutorial is more engaging.

But just teaching people about RexVid wasn’t the only objective; the main purpose was to have fun! The environment was exciting and upbeat from the moment you stepped in the door, decorated with balloons and RexVid imagery in every corner. There were raffles to participate in, a photo booth, app demo, and of course, most people went straight for the food and beer. A huge shout out to Surdyk’s Catering, Darby’s Pub, Day Brightener Bakery, and Modist Brewing Company for the incredible food, dessert, beer, and location.

People earned free drinks by completing different objectives within the app, which was a hit and immediately got everyone exploring how to use RexVid. Some of the other activities included dancing with the DJ, the “make a RexVid” station, and socializing with others at the event. While the launch party only lasted for the evening, the concept of RexVid certainly didn’t happen overnight.

How RexVid Got Here

The idea for the app came about after seeing cards stack up from birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, leading Page to wonder: Couldn’t there be a more modern, personalized way to express how we feel to our loved ones?

He got his answer when he made his first attempt at a video for his wife, Lisa’s, birthday. She agreed that receiving a personalized video from her family and close friends meant more to her than receiving a paper card. Page was sold, and from then on, RexVid was born and development began.

However, the road that led them to where RexVid is today was not perfectly paved. In June of 2018, production halted when an unforeseen tragedy occurred within the Page family, as Lisa, Jamie’s wife, passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm. App production was put on hold until October of 2018 while the family recovered. From this point on, Jamie knew he needed to finish the product and launch it because it’s what Lisa would have wanted him to do. It is her legacy. So, the planning resumed, development continued, and new ideas came about every day.

Developers, marketing teams, families, friends, legal teams, and many others were involved with getting RexVid to be a fully functioning app. Multiple new features were added before the launch like allowing people to save their RexVid, no matter the size, directly to their phone or computer. Developers also made it possible to share RexVid’s straight to social media. When creating a video, you can see who has contributed their video already or who may need a reminder. New events and many other small features were added along the way.

After six months of tweaking, final touches, and campaign prep, RexVid has been launched nationwide in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. As first-time app creators, learning the process of launching an app was a challenging process, but so worth it to see RexVid fully functional and helping people send personalized videos to the ones that matter most.