RexVid Adds New Groups Feature, Custom Events, and More


The RexVid app team has been hard at work making updates to ensure that the user experience is the best it can be. Our users are our first priority. We want to make sure the app is easy to use to keep everyone coming back to celebrate their loved ones on their special days. Our most recent updates are listed below so everyone can see the progress RexVid has made at making our users #1.

General Bug Fixes & Improvements

These are everyday fixes to make sure the RexVid app is functioning at an optimal level. These fixes improve user experience and eliminate any issues that have been found in the app.

Make a RexVid for More than One Recipient

This is a very exciting update! You are no longer limited to just one person receiving the heart-felt RexVid, as the RexVid app now allows for the final video to be sent to more than one person. With the update, both the mom and dad of the new baby can receive the congratulations video! The bride and the groom can see their family smiling from ear to ear in their individual RexVid videos.

Change a Recipient’s Name

The RexVid app now allows for the creator to change the name of the Recipient. This is convenient for anyone who likes to add emojis to their contacts or enter them in as nicknames. Now, you can send a video to your significant other and you can change it to their name instead of “Cutie Pie <3,” as you have them listed under in your contacts. This just might be helpful if you have to add their parents as contributors! 

Create and Send to Groups

You know how convenient email groups can be for sending mass emails? Now you can do that within RexVid. Create a family group of contributors for whenever there is a special occasion. Easily create the group to be used anytime. Don’t worry, you can quickly remove someone whenever it’s their turn to be celebrated. Mom’s birthday coming up? Simply remove Mom as a contributor and send to the group. All members will receive an invitation to collaborate. It’s that convenient. It’s that simple.

Create a Custom Event

RexVid now has an occasion called,“Create Your Own!” If your special occasion is not listed in our selections, it’s easy to customize the title of the Vid. Now, your coworker can receive a video specifically titled, “Maggie’s Promotion Celebration!” You can even create a group with your coworkers to celebrate any and all office events!

Video Failure Notification

If one or more of the RexVid contributors has a poor internet connection or a technical issue occurs and their video fails to upload the creator of the Vid will now be notified. Moving forward, if a failure to upload occurs the Creator will have two different options. They can either delete the video and send the RexVid without it or resend the video to the contributor to try again. This resolves the problem of a failed video being included in the final video, ensuring that your loved one receives a flawless Vid from you!

Ability to Contact RexVid

All users now have easier access to the RexVid team. From the Settings screen, there is now an easily accessible link directly to email the support team for any questions, comments or concerns.

RexVid truly strives to make its users first priority. We will continue to update the app to make sure that our users have the best experience possible. Look for more updates to come!

James Page